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Updated: Sep 21

As a lover of all things designed, I created this space to feature what is living close to my heart ... at the moment.

What does Roy Lichtenstein and Jack Kerouac have in common?

Not much but their rise to fame in 1960's will always hold a place in fashion history and from my end, top of my inspirational list. Lichtenstein was all about the 'pop'; bold graphics and bright colors. On the other side of 60's fashion you had the beatniks, Kerouac and his prose led that counter culture. The staple style of the beatniks was all black, dark, elusive, it was the birth of cool. Both created a place in pop culture history, in the same time but ascetically opposing ends.

(L) from the fabulous exhibit in 2017 by Skirball Museum,"Pop for the People: Roy Lichtenstein in L.A". (R) a birthday card which hangs in my office given to me by a friend that knows me well.

I love: The color yellow, 60's pop art and quotes I wish to live my life by.

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